water falls

The lovely Water Falls - which is John Barker, Sean French (from the Theater Fire and Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things), Erik Wofford and Colin Arnold (Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things) - will be opening up for The Enright House tonight at the Mountain House, which is at 5320 Tremont in Dallas. The show starts at 8 p.m.

I have no Water Falls Mp3s on the computer I'm posting this from, so check their music out on MySpace, which you can do by clicking their name in the first sentence. But, I can post music from Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things, The Enright House and some of Water Falls-listed "influences."

Oh yea, and it's BYOB. Always a bonus.

Darkwave = MC Squared - The Enright House

Siam - Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things

Sleep at the Bottom - Low, Piano Magic & Transient Waves

Always Returning - Brian Eno

Even if You're Never Awake - Stars of The Lid

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