dance dance ikea

IKEA created one of the most interesting interactive sites of all times. Advertising their "smart storage solutions," the site allows users to "control" the dancing-movements of several characters in various settings. You can watch them move to A. music IKEA provides (not much fun), B. upload your own tunes or C. use your own vocals and keyboard as a drum machine.

Personally, I would skip the first room and go straight to the second. Making an older woman dance to
Motörhead while learning how items from IKEA can get you organized, priceless. But, I must say watching her move to "Jump" just might be the most entertaining.

Here are some appropriate MP3s to get you started:
If I Could Rock - Jens Lekman/R. Kelly (HI) (R&B meets Sweden pop)
Blue Suede Shoes - Motorhead (Metal meets Elvis)
You Don't Love Me - Dawn Penn (Just DUB)
Jump - Van Halen (Duh)
Shadow Dancing - Andy Gibb (Duh II)

Now, get "Into the Closet"

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