John Cassavetes is so great they can't quit making songs about (or for) him. From Fugazi's "Cassavetes" to the very pretty Ekkehard Ehler's "Plays John Cassavetes 1" & "Plays John Cassavetes 2," the tributes keep coming. In the words of Fugazi, "Ask me what you're needing; I'll front you his name."

John Cassavetes 2 - Ekkehard Ehlers (buy full album)
John Cassavetes 1 - Ekkehard Ehlers (buy full album)
Cassavetes - Fugazi (buy full album)
John Cassavetes - Angel Corpus Christi (buy full album)
Staircase (For John Cassavetes The Vandermark 5 - (buy full album)
What's Yr Take On Cassavetes - Le Tigre (buy full album)

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