frisco freakout

On October 10 I'll be in Dallas while Wooden Shjips, Citay, Magic Lantern, Sun Araw, Heavy Hills, Powell St. John and the Aliens, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, 3 Leafs, Barn Owl, Lumerians and Liquorball with Steve Mackay from The Stooges play at the second annual Frisco Freakout. Someone go for me...

Heavy Deeds - Sun Araw (buy full album)
Blue Sky Bends - Wooden Shjips (buy full album)
Feasting On Energy - Magic Lantern (buy full album)
Walking With Me - Heavy Hills (buy full album)
The Slumbering Ones - Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound (buy full album)
The White Mountain Filled With Light - Barn Owl (buy full album)
Orgon Grinder - Lumerians (buy full album)
Live Jam at Grady's - Liquorball With Steve Mackay (buy full album)


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