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So, I waited way too long to order the limited edition vinyl for Master Musicians Of Bukakke's new album "Totem One," a few months too long that is... I actually forgot after reading about it in May and now all 500 are gone.

P.S. Master Muscians of Bukakke consists of Brad Nowan (formerly of Burning Witch and currently of Asva), Don McGreevy (Earth), Milky (Earth), Randall Dunn (SUNN O))), G
rails, Kinski, Earth), Jim Davis, Dave Abramson (The Dimished Men), Bill Horist and features Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Alvarius B) and Timba Harris (Secret Chiefs 3).

In the Light of the Sonaran - Master Musicians of Bukakke (buy full album)
Cascade Cathedral - Master Musicians of Bukakke (buy full album)

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