chesnutt shuffle

Rattle - Vic Chesnutt (NORTH STAR DESERTER)
Coward - Vic Chesnutt (AT THE CUT)
Flirted with You All My Life - Vic Chesnutt (AT THE CUT)
Arthur Murray - Vic Chesnutt (THE SALESMAN & BERNADETTE)
Grain Augury (Feat. Vic Chesnutt) - Danger Mouse + Sparklehorse) (DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL)


  1. When I get back to LA, I am going to make a similar one... gotta get my Silver Lake cuts on at least one memorial list this year. That was my favorite of his records. I cried like a baby when I found out that he died. :(

  2. So sad! Look forward to hearing your's...

  3. I introduce to you what will undoubtedly be in the top 5 albums of 2010, and heck I’m expecting a Grammy. I got to preview this whole album, and… you know what? Just listen to The High Road. http://www.brokenbells.com/home.html http://twitter.com/broken_bells

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  5. Yes! @Anonymouse Broken Bells is amazing and sooo good. I can't wait til March 9th for it to be out and I can hear the whole thing.