gallo shuffle

When - Vincent Gallo (WHEN)
Milk And Honey - Jackson C. Frank (JACKSON C. FRANK)

Fools Rush In - Vincent Gallo Sr. (BUFFALO '66)

A Somewhere Place - Vincent Gallo (RECORDINGS OF MUSIC FOR FILM)

Sweetness - Yes (BUFFALO '66)

Come Wander With - Jeff Alexander W/ Bonnie Beecher (THE BROWN BUNNY)


  1. Buffalo 66 is probably one of my favorites... I have (un)fortunately not seen The Brown Bunny except for the infamous scene but enjoyed the tunes nevertheless.

  2. Vincent Gallo's Buffalo 66 is certainly a very great original film. However his works The Brown Bunny and the WHEN LP are two of the most powerful, sensitive, intelligent and beautiful creative works ever done by anyone.