candy shuffle

Something Other Than - Heather Woods Broderick (FROM THE GROUND)
Candy Says (Closet Mix Version) - The Velvet Underground (GOLD: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND)
Candy Shoppe - Emeralds (DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M HERE?)
Look At Me - John Lennon (PLASTIC ONO BAND)
Caruth - Julian Lynch (BORN 2 RUN)
She Smiled Sweetly - The Rolling Stones (BETWEEN THE BUTTONS)


  1. excellent playlist, it's interesting that the archetype of candy takes this particular musical form. just've been getting into julian lynch, love the song you posted here. and that emeralds song is prob my favorits so far this year: i seriously owe you a personalized mix after all the great mixes you've shared here!

  2. I really love Julian Lynch's stuff (and Emeralds). I would love a mix!