echoes shuffle

Soft Cover People - Walls (WALLS)
Tomorrow Never Knows - Junior Parker (LOVE AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A BUSINESS GOIN' ON)
Echoes - The Alps (III)
Nobody - Larry Williams & Johnny Watson with Kaleidoscope (TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE)
These Days - Naked On The Vague (HEAPS OF NOTHING)


  1. naked on the vague track is delicious.. it's like if jesus mary chain and thee heavenly music association had a baby

  2. been following since the austin psych post. Best music blog I've found. thanks.

  3. love this playlist. You have to do this: I accidentally opened the Walls track in another tab and it was playing at the same time as Junior Parker's cover----WOAH it's an amazing mix. I'm definitely adding some beats and doing a mash up of the two very soon....

  4. Ha, I've actually done that w/ two songs before with a nice surprise. Will try! Let me hear when you finish.