when shade was born shuffle

When Shade Was Born - Harmonia & Eno 76 (TRACKS & TRACES)
Mary Never Sings Our Songs [ROUGH EDIT] - Soft Powers (BAD POP)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds - TASSELS (WITCHKRAFT)
Balance - Woodsman (MYSTERY TAPE)
Beams - Sun Araw (BEACH HEAD)


  1. So here I sit in the ever darkening swedish fall, falling in love! This place is the best thing with the entire internet.

    Keep it up and thanks a thousands!


  2. Can I also be sitting in the ever darkening swedish fall, falling in love? that sounds nice... (also ps Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds is by TASSELS)

  3. Jens, sounds lovely! I too would love to be listening to music in the darkening Swedish fall. Thanks for such nice words.

    P.S. TASSELS was there in my mind! Sorry, fixed now! ;)

  4. Oh, thank you! You're both so very welcome to join me! But I think it probably sounds better than it is really. I'd hate for you to come and get homesick in a day.

    I read on a sticker once that "Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end." And since I dream and read and not much else that is what I will choose to believe.

    Ha allt så vackert!