glucose shuffle

Exercise One - Joy Division (STILL)
Balloon Boy - Larry Marshall (QUEER AND WONDER)
Glucose - Moebius & Beerbohm (STRANGE MUSIC)
Outside The Night - Von Haze (VON HAZE)
Three Windows Facing Three Doors - Noveller (DESERT FIRES)


  1. your blog is sublime! i play in a band in santa barbara and we recorded a durutti column cover as part of our debut 10 song demo album. we think you might like it! to listen, go to www.soundcloud.com/waitingaroundtodie/tracks. let us know what you think. we wanted to email you instead of leaving a comment, but could not find the link!

    yours, ryan from waiting around to die

  2. i worked with the great Larry Marshall in the states for many years. i was hoping that if you were interested in him you may be in some of my music on myspace ....the name of the page is THE SHEEP KILLING DOGS......and the song FUTURE SOLDIER SUIT is co-written and performed with the aforementioned great Larry Marshall.....please give a listen...cheers