light at dawn shuffle

Light At Dawn - Ela Orleans (BEKO-CLANDESTINE)
Star Light - Brenda Ray (WALATTA)
Phrenesia - Holy Strays (ENLIGHTENMENT)
Swirlin' Hearts - Brenda Ray (WALATTA)
Werewolves On Wheels (Main Theme) - Don Gere (WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS)


  1. It's so hard to convey on the internet how much one really appreciates what others do. But i'm writing again now to try to say that i really do appreciate you and all this that you do!

    Beautiful as always.


  2. Thanks Jens! Very nice to hear from you

  3. I absolutely agree with anonymous...beautiful work compiling these songs together and creating an atmosphere. And all for the sake of making someone else feel good and to support an artist's work...this seems a rare thing today. We live in a time that it costs money to step outside of your house...hell, it costs money to be in your house...which breeds a cut throat atmosphere..but this atmospher you create balances it all out. Thank you.