in love 2011 shuffle (part I)

Some music from some of my favorite artists this year. (I did cheat, Jeans Wilder's "Nice Trash" is from 2010, but I fell in love with it in early 2011.)

Given The Time - Craft Spells (IDLE LABOR)
Sleep Paralysis - eyes, wings and many other things (ENCHANTMENT UNDER THE SEA)
Break4love - Hype Williams (ONE NATION)
Birds of Ill Omen - John Hughes (THE BLACK MONK)
Lone Runner - Dirty Beaches (LONE RUNNER / STYE)
A Color - Tropic of Cancer (THE SORROW OF TWO BLOOMS)
Dreams After Death - Xander Harris (URBAN GOTHIC)
When You Cut - Moon Duo (MAZES)
Amazing And Wonderful - Peaking Lights (936)
Light Sleeper - Jeans Wilder (NICE TRASH)


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