california lady shuffle

Chances Are (Recut) - Bob Marley & The Wailers (SOUL STORIES VOL. 2)
Baby Oh Baby - Charles Greene (SOUL STORIES VOL. 2)
It's A Dream - Little Ed (LIGHT: ON THE SOUTH SIDE)
California Lady - James Kind (LIGHT: ON THE SOUTH SIDE)
Shank Raids - Rhyton (RHYTON)


  1. yor the best clumsy/! ive been following you for a while and i think you are the best music blog out here in the web of worlds. i have learned so much from you already! and such a mystery to the song selection shuffle, makes me wish i had your itunes. most blogs are so showy and pretentious with what they know and who they have met, but you clumsy, you are the glam sham best of em all, with top notch james and rad photos.
    love you!!!

  2. Thanks for such a nice post and kind words! xo