pure nostalgia!

Teach Me Tonight - De Castro Sisters

Be Anything (But Be Mine) - Peggy Lee
Wait Til You See Her - Ella Fitzgerald

Gee Whittakers - Pat Boone
Don't Let Go - Roy Hamilton
Would I Love You, Love You , Love You? - Tony Martin

Went to my grandparents' house over the weekend and we ended up digging through their 45s. My mom pulled a lot of them aside, some of which were the older ones she remembered my grandparents' playing when she was young. We wrote a list of some of them so I could make her a CD. This is some of the earlier ones I've found for her. The others are more psychedelic and folky (which I'll post later).

The image above is an ad for Ivory soap. Kind of scary. I thought I would post the MP3 links to the slower tunes under old grumpy pants at the top. The happier ones are under the image of the frighteningly happy and clean man below.

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