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I've heard the news and wish I never had. Some movies were made for the '80s, and most of those need to stay there. Chace Crawford, the "heartthrob" from Gossip Girls, will take Kevin Bacon's place in a remake of Footloose.

I have fond memories of watching Footloose at a double feature (The Woman In Red was the other film) at a drive-in. My mom was on close watch as my sister and I kept looking back at the screen behind us to peek at a rated "R" flick. From Ren McCormack dancing in the warehouse to vent his frustrations to Ariel Moore "Dancing in the Sheets" in a fast food parking lot, Footloose was a classic in the cheesy way only '80s films can be.

The closest remake I'll enjoy is below:

P.S. Click on warehouse and "Dancing in the Sheets" above and prepare for a visual feast.

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